A Cause For The Future

Is committed to fostering change in a world that has seen an upsurge in gang violence. City to city, town to town, and state to state, the young are dying in the streets. We will not turn a blind eye but will fight for the next generation to succeed.

A Cause for The Future

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Mission Statement

Dear Reader,

A Cause For The Future is a cutting edge Gang prevention and intervention program designed to help build positive youth! Our mission is to educate young people about the relationship between GANGS, DRUGS, VIOLENCE and ALCOHOL that affect their families as well as their communities. We believe the ideal strategy for gang prevention and redirection should begin with students in grades 5th through 8th. A Cause For The Future is here to bring real preventative and interventional methods to curb negative gang behavior and gang influence through the art of storytelling. Our stories are crafted to provide navigational tools while promoting change in the “Hood” to combat the new wave of gang culture. Kids are issued specialized gang prevention coloring books of the stories to reinforce learning. Reducing crime and the influx of juvenile incarcerations will give our kids a better future. This is why we exist!

A Cause For The Future